Redefining Hotel Management


NOKY is an independent full-service hospitality management company that provides tailor-made hotel management, sales structure, operational infrastructure, maximizes the financial results and improves the image of hotels.

Founded in Italy in 2015 by hospitality Group, we deploy a passionate and white-glove approach to positively impacting and financially optimizing the independent, boutique hotels that we manage.

NOKY { pronounced No-Key } has a symbolic meaning to the company founders: “NOK” being the abbreviated name of the first-ever hotel based in the world, Nisiyama, an Onsen in Keiunkan, Japan that has been managed by the same family for more than 46 generations.

Our appreciation of family-owned businesses creates a comfortable and close working relationship with hotel owners, relieving any worry about the “keys” to their property. We as managers take care of all aspects of the hotel experience and operation from A-Z.


NOKY consists of hospitality experts and skilled managers specializing in key departments related to hotels, including Operations, Finance, Revenue & Sales, Human Resources, Food & Beverage, Marketing & Social Media, Renovation and Maintenance. Our team has more than a decade of combined experience in managing and creating successful financial models for boutique and independent hotels in Italy. After an initial meeting, we will custom-make a detailed plan and infrastructure that suits the needs and interests of each property owner. Our goal is to identify issues and solve them with innovative ideas and tools to achieve goals and minimize workload. Onward, we build a timetabled action plan that works in stages, each decision is approved by hotel owners and followed up with quantifiable monthly reports that analyze the improvement and success rate of the NOKY Management Strategy.






Milu Hotel

Opening and operations management of the four-star boutique hotel in Florence’s most renowned shopping street, Via de’ Tornabuoni, and ranked among city’s top five highly rated hotels on TripAdvisor. After just a few months of operation, NOKY elevated Milu Hotel to receive a score of 9.5 on and Expedia. With the deft managerial and operational work of NOKY, Milu Hotel has become a hospitality hotspot for travellers, with an yearly occupancy superior to 90% and ADR growing each year.

Hotel Mercure Milano Centro

NOKY took over the operational management of an outdated chain hotel in Milan’s city center. Focused upon a strategy of new pricing models, cost control, staff training and optimization of sales skills without any renovation being done to the building or interiors, NOKY has catapulted the hotel to become 25% more profitable during the first year of management, resulting in an annual average occupancy of above 95%.

Hotel Calimala

NOKY successfully led and directed the A-Z operation of Hotel Calimala, from conception, property acquisition, branding, design, marketing, pre launch, launch and ongoing management of the highly rated luxury boutique hotel and panoramic Angel restaurant in Florence’s city center. After just one year of operation, Hotel Calimala was ranked among Florence’s Top 5 Hotels on TripAdvisor as well being voted in the upper echelon of hotels on and Expedia.



Partner | CEO


Partner | Director of Acquisitions & Business Development

Liron Ben-Hur

Partner | Director of Acquisitions & Business Development

Francesco Ricci


Jonathan Ben Yishai

Digital Marketing Director


Sales and Revenue manager

Mor Naftaly

Social Media Manager

Diego Rampietti

F&B Concept Director

Ludovica Renna

Hotel Manager | Hotel Milu

Angela Focareta

Hotel Manager | Hotel Calimala

Linda Santoro

Administrative Director

Ariel Bruckmayer

Project Manager